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New McLaren Automotive Architecture

McLaren Tech Club shows how the carbon fibre monocoque is manufactured

Every automotive brand has something that is unique to their brand. While this varies from a specific feature to a specific design choice, every brand has something. McLaren, like other racing car brands, is known for using carbon fibre monocoque. Although other brands use it now, McLaren was the first brand to adopt this manufacturing choice. In this post, we have shared a video where the McLaren Tech Club shows how the carbon fibre monocoque is manufactured. Check it out below!

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McLaren Speedtail Rear Fascia with Exhaust System

How does McLaren Automotive use innovative materials in their exhaust systems?

Episode 11 from the McLaren Tech Club focuses on the use of innovative materials when they design cutting-edge exhaust systems. Ella Podmore, the materials engineer, returns once again to talk about this exciting topic. One of their biggest challenges when designing exhaust systems is matching the aesthetic of the vehicle to what the material performance is capable of. Check out the video to learn even more about this topic in regard to the McLaren lineup of vehicles as a whole. Enjoy!

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Closeup view of the wheels on a 2020 McLaren 765LT

Are There Any Benefits to Having More Spokes in Your Wheels?

Reasons Why Some Car Wheels Have More Spokes Than Others

One of the coolest aspects of McLaren vehicles is the unique styles that they feature, including various different wheel styles. What makes the wheel styles on McLaren vehicles unique is the variety in the number of spokes that their wheel options offer. Some McLaren models feature 4 or 5 spokes in their wheels, while others offer 9 or even 10 spokes. You might be wondering if there are any benefits associated with having more spokes in the wheels of a vehicle. Join the staff here at McLaren Chicago today as we try to answer that question!

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McLaren 765LT and CEO Mike Flewitt

How important is weight reduction in McLaren vehicles?

When building high-performance vehicles, one thing about which engineers have to be constantly vigilant is curb weight. The more weight a vehicle has, the more its performance is crippled. As McLaren continues to move toward the hybrid supercar future in which it’s already heading, it has put a special focus on winning what the company has dubbed “the weight race.” In other words, weight reduction is incredibly important in McLaren vehicles, as was evidenced in the design of the McLaren 765LT.

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Front view of blue McLaren vehicle with the MSO Defined High Downforce Kit

What is the McLaren MSO Defined High Downforce Kit?

If you’re a prospective buyer of a McLaren sports car and want to take the performance and sportiness even higher, then you’ll want to check out the spectacular MSO Defined High Downforce Kit from McLaren Special Operations (MSO). With uncompromising track poise, a confident and stable ride, and exclusive design elements, the MSO Defined High Downforce Kit provides an incredible driving experience.  Read the rest of this entry >>