McLaren future hybrid supercar with hidden exterior pattern driving on track

New McLaren High-Performance Hybrid is Now in Final Testing Stages

Coming in the first half of 2021, the new McLaren high-performance hybrid supercar is finally in the final testing stage. In these final steps, the model will be taken out onto public roads with that familiar upcoming model pattern exterior. This model will bring McLaren into an age of electric following the production of the Sports Series lineup. Read on to learn more about what we can expect to find in this model.

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What will we expect from this hybrid model?

McLaren future hybrid model rear fascia driving on curvy highway road

The McLaren hybrid will be powered by a V6 petrol engine and have a pure EV driving mode. The engine is said to provide impressive levels of performance, an intense driver experience, and EV-only capability. Every performance component works together to produce the well-recognized and highly beloved McLaren track performance. CEO of McLaren Automotive, Mike Flewitt said, “We see this new McLaren as a true ‘next generation’ supercar and cannot wait to show it to customers.’”

This model is also the first to be designed with a carbon fibre structure.  This structure has been coined as “McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture.” This new carbon fibre structure helps to provide a more lightweight driving experience by lowering the overall weight of the vehicle. Over the next few years, this structure will be seen on upcoming McLaren hybrid models. McLaren hopes to offer loyal customers a new experience through electric performance and lightweight feeling.

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