orange McLaren 720S rear view

Is the McLaren 720S available with a rear spoiler?

McLaren 720S Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler 

Is the McLaren 720S available with a rear spoiler? Yes, the McLaren 720S Coupe and Spider can both now have a rear spoiler. The McLaren 720S Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler improves performance and style. Keep reading below to learn more about this optional feature. 

Does the Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler change positions? 

Yes, the McLaren 720S rear spoiler is able to move to different positions in order to best suit the current driving maneuver. For example, when the Aero button in your McLaren 720S is engaged, the rear spoiler helps to employ more down-force to keep your vehicle stable around corners. 

When your vehicle is accelerating without turning, the rear spoiler delivers drag reduction by turning to a different active position. In the opposite event that you are decelerating, the rear spoiler switches into a position with more drag, helping the McLaren 720S to brake faster while maintaining stability. 

What does an active rear spoiler do? 

If you’ve seen vehicles with rear spoilers before, you may wonder what role they actually play, other than looking good. Rear spoilers help to increase the down-force on your vehicle, which helps improve the vehicle’s stability. As a result, you’ll find yourself gripping the road around every turn. 

What does the McLaren 720S rear spoiler look like? 

The McLaren 720S rear spoiler matches other exterior options. In the examples below, its black color and carbon fibre surface reflect the style of other exterior elements. Contrasting sharply with the orange body style of this McLaren 720S, the rear spoiler stands out while drawing on similar design elements. Located at the rear of the McLaren 720S, the active rear spoiler brings the design to an elegant stop.