Meet The Team

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Josh King
General Manager

Josh has worked in the automobile industry for over 15 years, starting in sales and working his way up through management to become the General Manager of McLaren Chicago. He has worked with luxury high-end vehicles along with the CJ Wilson Automotive Group throughout his career in the car business.

Eric Cotto
General Sales Manager

Eric has worked in the automobile industry for over 10 years. He started his career in sales and inventory management, then over to sales management before becoming the General Sales Manager of McLaren Chicago. He has worked hands-on with performance vehicle clientele and has been part of the CJ Wilson Automotive Group.

Danny Kaminski
Finance Manager

Danny has worked in the automobile industry for over 7 years. He started as a porter and moved his way up to sales and management. Danny worked as a Finance Manager for the CJ Wilson Automotive Group before becoming the Finance Manager for McLaren Chicago.

Omar Vides
Sales Consultant

Omar has been in the auto industry for 4 years. He started with the CJ Wilson Auto Group and wanted to expand his knowledge and love for cars by joining McLaren Chicago. Omar's main focus has always been customer satisfaction and making sure he helps every customer find the perfect vehicle for them. He loves anything supercar related and also is an avid motorcycle lover. ​

Mya Roti
Customer Relations Manager

Mya has always had a liking of luxury cars.  Prior to becoming a part of the McLaren Chicago team, Mya had the privilege of being around some of the rarest and most incredible examples while working for a private car collection. Her experience there had driven her interest and passion towards becoming a more permanent name in the automotive industry. 

Georgette McCarthy
Office Manager

Georgette started in the automotive industry 10 years ago as a part time cashier at a Mazda dealership. Shortly after she moved up to the office where she learned accounting and finance. 

Michelle Ruzga
Office Manager

Michelle started in the automotive industry 13 years ago as a porter at a Volkswagen dealership. Soon after starting, she was moved into an office staff position. After that, Michelle became an office manager at the CJ Wilson Automotive Group before joining the Chicago McLaren team.



James LaPorte
Service Manager

James has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years.  He is now the Service Manager for McLaren Chicago.  James has experience with both the technical and managerial aspects of exotic cars since 2010.   He has been with McLaren since the release of the MP4-12C in 2011.  His meticulous attention to detail, and high quality customer service will ensure a memorable experience with every McLaren Chicago customer.

Arnold Nagys
Parts Manager

Arnold has been in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He started out as a porter, moving up to sales for a few years before landing in the service department. Arnold has been the Manager of Parts and Service for 9 years, most recently with the CJ Wilson Automotive Group.  

Helson Munoz

Helson has been working on high end vehicles for over 12 years. He has worked 6 years for Land Rover and 6 Years for BMW. As a kid Helson always dreamed about the McLaren F1 and now is the guy who gets to keep these vehicles in top form so they can continue to be pushed to the limits. 

Alan Rangel

Alan has been in the automotive industry for over 12 years. A fan of the brand since he first played with the F1 model in video games as a kid. Now he is proud to be a technician on the McLaren Chicago team and aims for perfection when servicing supercars every time.

Niko Pouyoukas
Service Writer

Doug Foster