650S Coupe - Designed without Compromise



Every time you approach your McLaren 650S, youll feel the same tingle of excitement as when you first set eyes on it. Every panel, every surface, every detail has been painstakingly designed to take your breath away and enhance the thrill of the drive.

Every millimetre of the McLaren 650Ss Carbon Black Alcantara interior has been meticulously optimised for maximum driving pleasure and unparalleled comfort.


Iconic doors

Simple. Effective. Undeniably spectacular. Our signature dihedral doors, first seen on the McLaren F1, are lighter and more aerodynamic than conventional doors. They are also more practical as the single hinge design requires less room to open and makes it much easier to get in and out the cabin.

Active Airbrake

Now available in carbon fibre, the active Airbrake gives you total confidence to exploit the McLaren 650Ss astounding performance and dynamics. Brake heavily above 95kph and the McLaren 650Ss active Airbrake instantly deploys, meaning you can stop faster and brake even later on the racetrack. It also offsets front-end pitch and increases downforce under hard braking to maximise stability.

In Sport and Track modes, the Airbrake will automatically adjust to create more downforce at speed and offers additional stability when you lift the throttle. In Aero mode, youll even feel the same thrill as our racing drivers when DRS (Drag Reduction System) activates, lowering the Airbrake to provide those last few mph as you race towards the finish line.

An Incredible Finish

Just like our Formula 1 racers, every kilogram on the McLaren 650S has to justify its existence. Its what makes our cars so exciting to drive. The McLaren 650Ss paintwork is no exception: our 3-stage, Formula 1-inspired paint technology ensures the colour, tint, lustre and finish is flawless, while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Whether its a personal favourite, or you want to evoke racing cars from McLarens illustrious past, youll find the perfect colour for your McLaren 650S. The AkzoNobel paints are mixed by hand, applied by hand and finished by hand to exacting standards.

Want something extra exclusive? Many of our Special and Elite paint finishes contain a higher level of metallic and pearlescent content. Using exclusive pigments and a greater holographic effect, these highly crafted finishes complement the cars stunning design by accentuating every line, curve and contour of the body.

Lighter. Stronger. Faster.

Not only do the McLaren 650Ss lightweight forged alloy wheels look stunning, theyre also incredibly strong and shed weight from the most beneficial place. That means they amplify the McLaren 650Ss breathtaking dynamics, improve its ride comfort and complement the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8s mind-blowing performance.

Theyre supplied with all new high-grip Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tyres developed in conjunction with McLaren. Stability is optimised for even faster cornering, improved traction and better braking.

Illuminating design

Inspired by the McLaren P1 and echoing the McLaren speed mark, the 650S features striking all-LED headlights with all functions dipped- and full-beam, indicators, day-time running lamps illuminated by LED technology. LED headlights are as bright as Xenon, but last the life of the vehicle and draw less current, saving fuel and CO2.

  • Maximum Power 641 hpat 8500 rpm
  • Maximum Speed 207 mphover 333 km/h
  • 0-62 mph 3.0 sec0-100km/h
  • Maximum Torque 500 lbs/ftat 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Revs 8500 rpmV8
MAXIMUM SPEED 333kph (207mph)
0-100kph (62mph) 3.0s
0-200kph (124mph) 8.4s
0-60mph (97kph) 2.9s
0-100mph (161kph) 5.7s
0-400m ( mile) 10.5s @ 224kph (139mph)
0-1,000m 18.9s @ 281kph (175mph)
Type 90 V8
Technology Twin-turbo, dry sump
Valvetrain 32-valve, DOHC, VVT
Bore x stroke 93mm x 69.9mm
Compression ratio 8.7:1
Max rpm 8,500
Power     650PS (478kW) 641hp @ 7,250rpm
Torque 678Nm (500lb ft) @ 6,000rpm
Driver aids | ABS, traction control, ESC, launch control, brake steer
Wheels and Brakes
Wheel size (F/R) 8.5 x 19/11 x 20
Tyre type Pirelli P-Zero Corsa
Tyre size (F/R) 235/35 R19/305/30 R20
Brakes Carbon Ceramic Discs
200-0kph (124-0mph) 123m (404ft)
100-0kph (62-0mph) 30.5m (100ft)
DIN WEIGHT 1,428KG (3,148LB)
DRY WEIGHT 1,330KG (2,932LB)